Skagen Fiskerestaurant SKAGEN

At the port of Skagen at the top of Denmark you will find the legendary fish pack houses designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll. Skagen Fiskerestaurant has been located here for close to 50 years.
We offer you a view of Skagen Harbour on the first row, authentic with sand on the floors, freshly caught fish and, also, every summer we offer you great music experiences.

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Skagen Fiskerestaurant Illum Rooftop

At the top of Illum, more specifically on Illum ROOFTOP in the heart of Copenhagen, you can now also visit a Skagen Fish restaurant with a fantastic view. We have included a part of the team from Skagen, so that guests can receive the same personal service in Copenhagen which you meet in Jutland.

Fish is the central element of our menu, not to mention fresh seafood, which is caught by the waters around Skagen.

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